Ways to Earn Side Money as a Driver While Writing a Book

Life is becoming more challenging every other day, and all we want is to sustain it. Rideshare driving is one way of living that’s fast becoming popular, though, on its own, it’s not very sustainable. A recent study revealed that most rideshare drivers earn below $14 per hour, which may not be enough for them and their families. 

Therefore, knowing ways of earning extra money as a rideshare driver is vital. Peer into this article and learn some of the legit ways of making money while rideshare driving. Also check out Reedsy for more tips on making side cash.

1.  Include a cargo box.

Instead of entirely relying on the few pence from driving, why not include a Cargo box in the car? This is a cheap and legit way of making some extra money as a rideshare driver. The Cargo box has goodies like coolers and snacks, and you can sell them to the customers and make some money. 

What’s more, the package comes for free for the drivers, and you can always make money from it as long as you keep it stocked. A driver earns at least $1 for every sale, including the free products. What’s more, someone else fronts the prices, and you benefit from it. Drivers earn $100 to $300 from the Cargo box monthly.

2. Add a tip box.

Some customers will tip you on the rideshare apps, but some will not. One way of getting your clients to tip you easily is including a tip box on the car. You can check Amazon for the best yet cheapest, and safest tip boxes to include in your vehicle. 

Besides, you can paint it beautifully with the “Happy Holiday” theme and attract your clients to tip you as they go. What’s good about a physical tip box is that clients are free to give whatever they have.

3. Cut out on the insurance cost.

If you were to talk to any rideshare driver and ask him something, he would not leave you out while getting a rideshare car. He would likely not leave out ‘rideshare insurance.’ And yes, insurance is essential, and you don’t want to ditch it out altogether. However, there is a way of tapping on the insurance policy and making extra cash. 

For instance, instead of running to the big companies for fame, work with smaller and cheaper companies. With this, you only pay for every mile after paying a low base rate. Still, you enjoy the insurance benefits like the low deductibles and emergency roadside checks. So at the end of the day, you save some pence, which is why you are here!

4. Use the back seat organizer for displaying products.

The back seat organizer can help you make some money if you utilize it well. Although impulsive buying is a bad practice, sometimes we buy things we need but haven’t budgeted. So why not display a beautiful tissue dispenser, drinking water, or something else in the back seat organizer? If you sourced these from a wholesaler, you certainly would make a few pennies from the sales.

5. Master the basics.

If you talk to veteran rideshare drivers, you will be surprised to learn that rideshare driving is not just about taking and dropping passengers carelessly. Master the basics. For instance, are there specific spots and times of dropping passengers that yield more? Knowing such tips will help you find some coins in the market and leave the novice class.

6. Trade-in disposable phone chargers.

It is not uncommon for our phones to go off just when we need them. And this becomes even worse when the passenger has to pay using the same phone. This is an opportunity for you to shine as a rideshare driver by buying and selling disposable phone chargers. You will salvage the situation and still earn something extra from the sales.

7.  Cut on driving.

While Uber drivers may make money while driving alone, rideshare drivers don’t. Therefore, you need to cut ongoing and maximize the time you spend behind the wheel. Instead of moving about looking for requests, look for a hotspot and pack there. In addition, identify the best times for picking passengers. 

The only way to know the best is by keeping an Excel sheet with information on different days, times of the day (morning, afternoon, and evening), and particular driving spots. Compare the data every month and choose the best locality, time, and day for driving.

8. Trade-in rain ponchos.

Be practical but not greedy to make extra cash while rideshare driving. Time the seasons, and when it’s storm time, buy and sell rain Ponchos and make some pence from this. Try getting quality products from wholesalers and maximize the earning without extorting your customers. 

9.  Identify nearby restrooms.

Visiting the restrooms is a call of nature, and you cannot just avoid this mandatory task. However, it can end up being expensive as you drive about in congested areas to get a restroom and a parking space, which wastes your gas. On the other hand, suppose you know specific bathrooms in your rideshare driving locality. In that case, you will end up saving a few coins when you reduce needless driving.

10. Triple tip odds.

While Uber drivers are being tipped, this is not the case for most rideshare drivers. Recently, though, Uber rideshare driving started allowing passengers to list with the app. Still, many people do not know about this. One way of utilizing this feature is by asking for an honest rating. 

As you near your destination, say something like, ‘hey, I would like to ask you for a favor. Could you please check the app and leave me an honest rating?’ As they leave you a rating (and assuming you have a six-star rating), they get the opportunity to tip you on the app, and you earn from this.

Rideshare driving is becoming popular today, although you may not make so much from it alone. There are many other tips and tricks and help you earn more from it. Why not try a tip box or a Cargo box? You can also take advantage of the storms and buy and sell rain Ponchos. Since your customers may run out of charge, you can trade in disposable phone chargers.Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.

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