Poem in which a Parasite Lives

flooding the host with the wrong chemicals
so a gammarid races to surfaces instead of sin
king through mud seeing sunlight for darkness
its brain corrupted by the worm that must fin
d its way into the belly of a bird to be born

The past is her parasite, invading her cells
replicating doubt doubt doubt man
ipulating hijacking issuing commands:
Climb high, don’t stop, return, remorse

It wants to live forever and so she, ghoul
ish spider builds the most unsuitable we
b in which the wasp of her dread will be born
the past has made a zombie of her

When the power to decide is taken a
way she knows she is no longer hum
an but a cockroach stung nothing there
but an empty shell from which noth
ing can be born

Sampurna Chattarji


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