poem in which gertrude stein gets remixed

/ comes painful cattle
domesticated sat-sharp
kitchen-clean fairy fairly soft
soft change money to light
bulbs widening bidding a wedding
out of kindness comes
rapid same question
receivedlittle treading
mention nothing nothing nothing
here there a peaceful life to arise
her her at peace to
arouse her her a piece
of life it is surely cohesive come in a let
ter was nicely stop it stop it was a cleaner a
wet cleaner & it was not you can’t say
it’s war a wet [cleaner i love conversation]do you it was
here book was there i like it – printed – descriptive –
i like conversation do you[stop it]i love you
can’t say it say it’s war[ ]a piece was not exchanged
a letter was nicely__ the rest was mismanaged
what was the use* out of selectioncomes
painful cattle
it is not dangerous a pleasure then & more it
was not where it was wet in the morning there
is meaning in more frequently than another &
yet they always come together in the evening
there is feeling the rest was mismanaged this
is a please there is no pleasure in not getting it what is the use of not
getting tired a little calm is so ordinary this is a please & in any case
there is sweetness & some of that comes painful cattle this is a please
a language tires a language tries a language tries to die to be set free
this is a please there is a kind of delightfulness in kindness pleasure
in getting it stop it stop[you like it printed descriptive i hope so come

Alexander Speaker


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