Poem in which I send a postcard from the Gobi

Where my camel’s hair is tinted pink at sunrise
and muddy yellow at midday, by 5PM
the dust is thick enough to eat and when
I breathe it hits my tongue in hot spikes
and the jackfruit from lunch turns to chalk
on my teeth and crawls down my throat
I hope we find an oasis soon preferably
with bottled water and new sunglasses,
when I booked this trip with Expedia
they told me the desert is like paradise
but all I can see is my fuchsia camel
spitting lime green hollows in the sand
that sink and dissolve like desert myths
and later when I upload the photos to
Instagram I use the Amaro filter and it
makes it look like he is spitting rainbows.

Nicola Gledhill


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