Poem in Which I Contrive to Convey Most of the Knowledge of Which I am Possessed

…and above which I had come to the Far East
about which I know nothing above which I had hung
the ship’s lantern that could burn the whole night long
across which I’ve always kept the curtain partly drawn
after which I talked privately with Master Hoby against which I have
so often and so indignantly protested along which I proceeded
alongside which I lie amid which I recall “Hop o’ my Thumb”
among which I am the original and primary Vasudeva
around which I paddle at which I touch eternity
atop which I placed an Admiral black-and-white portable
television set my father had given me as a childhood gift
barring which I expected to leave via blow-up vest
before which I was brought behind which I knelt below which
I crossed the river and halted at the Dhurmsala or traveller’s house
beneath which I was confined beside which I kept for
a considerable distance besides which I knew the danger
between which I cannot discriminate betwixt which I have one
from your Secretary beyond which I must not attempt to penetrate
by which I represent the grain of sand itself concerning which
I announce that I have learnt it for myself despite which
I am less inclined down which I had come during which
I have been charged with dereliction of duty except which
I had given away failing which I cannot well avoid following which
I undertook a week of practice for which I am prepared
to die from which I have learnt the mischiefs of such kind
of prosecutions as these given which I (or other people)
would have sense-data of such and such a kind in which I love you
inside which I mentioned earlier into which I emerged from all
those past dreams like which I had seen near which I was with the horse
notwithstanding which I found of which I might dream off which
I made a famous feast on which I’ve stumbled onto which
I project myself opposite which I counted twenty-seven canoes
outside which I now find myself over which I have no control
regarding which I made a representation round which I had to wind
since which I have not had the pleasure to receive any of your favours
through which in past years I had so often entered throughout which
I elaborate on and offer some arguments for the positions I have
here outlined till which I shall reckon my sufferings there for
righteousness to which I have come toward which I projected myself
beyond being towards which I had seen the bullock-hackeries
under which I am placed underneath which I did not know
unlike which I had previously never experienced until which I am
ready to do the duty unto which I do and will refer up which I went
upon which I have formed no opinion via which I come to believe
with which I have been so much connected within which I anticipate my future
without which I can indeed clearly and distinctly conceive myself as entire.

JT Welsch 


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