Poem in Which Darlings

Perhaps it is better this way – this loss
refined through rain –

but they were nine-tails slender in broad daylight and
thin air. ____Now alone in a car in the dark ____I suppose
you thank your blacker stars____ and apple pips and wait
for steps to sound across the forecourt and ____Hello, Trouble breathed
a semi-tone below _______the clouds and gravestones like
rows of hunched  polonium widows and the reeds – suppose they tremble
as though in pain _______ _ and so you turn your face away and ____remember
virtue makes for tedious company –

and once you drove. It was an allegory.

The tigerless land gold-fringed green  ____and green-fringed-blue
where they drew the richness of the world out among  ____the plaintive waders and
sand twirled in ruins and worm-mounds… the sky  _______your sheets _ and thoughts
his soft dark hair all soaked  _______straight through.
Remember lush mad holding  ______then say I did not love him, it was then I knew.
Blood all quiet _____vanilla

but accidents generate their own scent ____ and energy
in-  _____ imicable, escapable  _as the skin you burned on boys
who’d broken every toe  ___ ___and there –
that burning  _you smell  _______ __before each fainting fit
where you dream

he says your name to you  _______ __again

Amy Blakemore


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