Poem in Which I Am Discharged from Hospital

i have stopped everything, which is good
that’s where my body was going to [all rusty; into everything]

shit, it was going to hell but it looked fine and stood upright, all of us at once

.                         [i have found through walking deeper into the corners of my

.              apartment, acres of space

i’m not needed outside any longer]

the tree is still sitting in the living room [means bad luck] because in my 21 years of

life on this planet I am not acceptant of

when something starts it has to be continued, and even then there isn’t ever

completion, that once something is completed it’s more that you’ve moved onto the

next thing

[but that thing has just moved on to you]

so now i have pine needles in my hair and my bra

and i feel old, but “you’re so young”


“it gets much worse”, with a laugh [sounds like whisky]

which i think is supposed to be reassuring

Alanna McArdle


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