poem in which lightning strikes

you’re ten feet tall
and slick you have bridges
to build and ideas
about them you’re quantum
duo-plectic intra-frenetic
you’re built with exquisitely
integrated sinewy
objectives you bounce
off walls you respawn
sometimes in a bed that you own
you zip through kites
you redesign the kite
to the point where airlines
go bankrupt
you hover
you’re made by the fairies
that run electricity
they give you counsel
and sometimes when it’s dark
or the bills are numerous
and loaded they teach you
how to trick the wiring
so the lightbulbs
come alive
turn yellow
and with just a drip
of the stuff
elasticate     solder
hammer     blow
and germinate
into something else

Kieran Ryan

(The title and first line of this poem are taken from this song.)


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