For instance every single person
in the world except you suddenly
and with ruthless consistency
has the same face, giving every street
and room a depressing feeling of one-
dimensionality. Conversely,
the smallest detail in my own life
– what is my favourite kind of beetle! –
becomes huge and exciting
like a giant interactive sculpture of itself
where I can climb inside and yell the name of
my favourite kind of beetle until it bounces
off the dark mirror-like sides and jumps
right back into my body as energy
which I use of course to tell you of this.
I admire the way in which lovers
used to keep smaller images
of each other in a pocket or wallet,
anywhere so it be always
close to the body. I emulate this
by keeping a Facebook conversation
open with you at all times
so that your very small face
may hover always on my screen,
though since I blocked you, and due
to some bug in the software,
the phone tells me helpfully
each time I use it that I
cannot reply to this conversation
which tiny error message flashes huge
over the action in all subsequent
scenes like malfunctioning subtitles so distracting
you can’t hear the background
music anymore or when any of the other
characters says anything.

Daisy Behagg


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