Poem in which witches witched, allegedly

Catherine Monvoisin
helped countless French noblemen
using her gift of premonition,

Agnes Sampson
a great storm did call for
trying to sink the ship of Queen Anne,

Alice Kyteler
sacrificed creatures
each time she thought marriage wasn’t for her,

Angele de la Barthe
bore a wolf-snake son
after demonic intercourse,

Mother Shipton
could predict the future
and also moved objects by levitation,

Märet Jonsdotter
men and cows she rode
like horses to the meadow of Blockula,

Marie Laveau
gave world leaders advice;
using various methods of Voodoo,

Agnes Waterhouse
used black magic
and her cat in order to curse,

Bridget Bishop
got caught up in Salem
with the wrong crowd doing the Devil’s work,

and Merga Bien
at Sabbats held by Satan
plotted against her own husband and children.

Jerrold Bowam


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