Top 5 writing tips for beginners

Top 5 writing tips for beginners

If you are planning to start your career in writing, then you must know a few things to ensure your success in this line of work. Unlike writing a poem there aren’t any rules on writing a book other than ensuring that you have got the basics correct, like grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction. The most important thing is to allow your writing to flow. You will get to the part where you need to revise, take suggestions and implement changes, but first just light up some legalized bud let the words flow in the right sense, in a way which makes some sense.

While there are no rules, there are some guidelines which one must remember to write a good book. And so, here are some writing tips for beginners:

1. Introduce characters gradually

In real life, you get to know people gradually, and that is how you must introduce your characters in your book. Too much information in the very beginning and it will make it difficult for the readers to remember it all. Allow them the time to take to the characters. Allow the other details to become apparent as the story progresses. It will keep the readers interested

2. Avoid Epilogue

Do not add an epilogue in the end unless it adds something to the story. Its as if you are justifying your plot.

3. Do not use big words unnecessarily

It is important that you don’t use complicated ones if simpler ones can be used instead. Try to limit the usage of complicated words. It only drives away your readers. First and foremost, you need to figure out the kind of audience that you are aiming for your book. You would see that though some people might like reading a book full of complicated words, most people just ask for a well-written story. And that can be done without using complicated words too. The focus should be on the flow of the plot, the characters and if it is all making sense. It is important that what you have makes sense, to everyone.

4. Write for yourself

It is very important that you are writing what you want to. Choosing to write because you want to try out something else is just a waste of time. And writing something which is hyped but not your style, is waste of everyone else’s time. Writing comes with passion. Write something which would please you, which you would pick out for yourself. Because the result produced is something that everyone would want to read.

5. Prepare a three-liner summary

It is important that you know what you are going to say when someone asks you what your book is all about. This moment might come sooner than later and, so you should always be prepared for this moment. The summary should not be more than two to three lines. This summary could be very important for pitching an agent or a publisher, so rehearse well in advance be confident about you are going to say.

Hope this helps the upcoming writers out there. All the best. Happy Writing!

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